Mahakosh Refined Soyabean Oil 895 Gm


Mahakosh Refined Soybean oil, extracted from soybeans, is a widely used vegetable oil renowned for its versatility in culinary applications. Soybean oil has a neutral flavor, allowing it to seamlessly blend with various ingredients without overpowering the dish. Its light and fluid texture make it an ideal choice for both cooking and baking, contributing to a smooth and even consistency in recipes. The oil’s stability under high temperatures helps maintain the integrity of the flavors in various dishes.
Contains PUFA
PUFA known to aid heart health
Contains Vit A & D
Helps strengthen eye and bone health
transparent and light
PREMIUM COOKING OIL: Cook with the best of the best Mahakosh Soyabean Oil produced from the highest soybean grade for outstanding mealtime. Envelop your plates with rich and natural qualities that only this soyabean oil can give.
VERSATILE USE: Explore a vast world of taste with Mahakosh Soyabean Oil. This food can only be used for frying, roasting, and other types of cooking without compromising the taste and health standards of the meals prepared.
LIGHT AND TRANSPARENT CONSISTENCY: Mahakosh Soyabean oil has a clear and thin composition such that the dishes are clear and retain their color. The oil is easily interspersed in cooking, so the colors and textures of ingredients come to the fore.
NUTRIENT-RICH : Supplement your meals with vital nutrients like PUFAs and Vitamin A present in Mahakosh Soyabean Oil. It adds a dash of health and spice to your dishes and makes eating more meaningful.
SHELF LIFE: Soybean oil has normally a shelf life of 1 year but its better to store the soybean oil only a few months at room temperature. Soybean oil should be stored in a dry and dark place. It should be stored away from heat.


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